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Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)


  • Year the Eastern Mediterranean University was founded: 1979
  • Schools: 4
  • Faculties: 12
  • Undergraduate Programs: 107
  • Postgraduate Programs: 103
  • When to Apply: Applications for admission are accepted twice a year (fall and spring semesters)
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Lecturers, Professors, and Administrative Staff: 1500
  • Number of students: 16,000+
  • International students represented: 68 countries
  • Campus: 615 000 sq.m
  • Rankings: 2nd in Turkey, 201-300 Band Worldwide by THE World University Rankings.



YÖK – The Council of Higher Education (Yükseköğretim Kurulu, YÖK; also translated as Higher Education Board) is responsible for the supervision of universities in Turkey and Northern Cyprus, in a capacity defined by articles 130 and 131 of the 1982 constitution.


ABET is a nonprofit, ISO 9001 certified organization that accredits college and university programs in applied and natural science, computing, engineering and engineering technology.

The following academic programs at the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (ABET):

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.S.)
  • Civil Engineering (B.S.)
  • Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)
  • Computer Engineering (B.S.)
  • Industrial Engineering (B.S.)
  • Mechatronics Engineering and Software Engineering (B.S.)


The Architectural Accreditation Board (MİAK), is the only institution that accredits architectural education programs in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. It also inspects and accredits architectural education institutions in line with universal criteria.

The Architecture (B.Arch.) program at EMU has been validated by MİAK.


FIBAA awards its Quality Seal to higher education institutions and programs of high quality worldwide according to the standards of the German Accreditation Council.

The following programs are accredited by FIBAA:

  • Banking and Insurance (B.S.)
  • Finance and Banking (B.S.)
  • International Finance (B.S.)
  • Business Administration (B.B.A., English-medium)
  • Human Resource Management (B.S.)
  • International Trade and Business (B.S., English-medium)
  • Management Information System (B.S.)
  • Marketing (B.S.)
  • Public Administration (B.A.)
  • Economics (B.S.)
  • International Relations (B.A.)
  • Political Science (B.A.)
  • Undergraduate programs offered at the Faculty of Business & Economics; Tourism and Hospitality Management (B.S.)
  • Undergraduate program and Tourism Management (M.S.) English-medium Master’s program with thesis offered at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
    Associate Degree program in Medical Documentation and Office Management – Turkish-medium
  • Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programs in Accounting and Taxation Applications offered at the School of Computing & Technology are all accredited by FIBAA.


AQAS assesses if the quality assurance system of a university/faculty/college is in line with the ESG. The following academic programs at the Eastern Mediterranean University are accredited by AQAS:

  • Pre-School Teacher Education (B.A.)
  • English Language Teaching (B.A.)
  • Interior Architecture (B.Int.Arch.)


TEDQUAL measures the degree of incorporation of tourism industry standards and students’ needs in academic programs.

The Associate Degree program in Tourism and Hospitality Management & Tourism and Hospitality Management (B.S.) at the Eastern Mediterranean University is backed by TEDQUAL.


The quality of a study program is determined by the formulation of relevant objectives by the applying university itself. The quality is also determined by the success that graduates achieve in their profession. ASIIN confirms that a study program meets a high quality standard. 

The following programs are ASIIN accredited:

  • Associate Degree & Higher Diploma programs in Biomedical Equipment Technology, Computer Programming, Electrical and Electronics Technology
  • Associate Degree programs in Mapping and Cadastral Survey & Construction Technology
  • Information Systems and Technologies (B.S.)
  • Information Technology (B.S.)
  • Information Technology (M.Tech.)
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (B.S.)
  • Medical Biotechnology (M.S. without thesis)

Other Accreditations include: EDEXCEL, EFMD, AACSB.


  • International Association of Universities
  • European University Association
  • Community of Mediterranean Universities and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World

What Will You Like to Study at the Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus

Eastern Mediterranean University-North-Cyprus-Students-on-Campus

Faculty of Arts & Science

  • Mathematics and Computer Science (B.S.)
  • Translation and Interpretation (B.А.)
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (B.S.)
  • Psychology (B.S.)
  • Actuarial Science

School of Applied Science (Banking & Finance)

  • Banking and Finance (B.S.)
  • Banking and Insurance (B.S.)
  • International Trade and Business (B.А.)
  • Marketing (B.S.)
  • Management Information Systems (B.S.)
  • Marketing
  • Human Recourses Management (B.S.)
  • International Finance (B.S.)

Faculty of Architecture

  • Architecture (B.Arch.)
  • Interior Architecture (B.Arch.)

Faculty of Education

  • English Language Teaching (B.А.)
  • Guidance and Psychological Counselling

Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering (B.S.)
  • Computer Engineering (B.S.)
  • Industrial Engineering (B.S.)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.S.)
  • Information System Engineering (B.S.)
  • Management Engineering (B.S.)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (B.S.)
  • Software Engineering (B.S.)
  • Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electronics and communications engineering
  • Business Administration (B.A.)
  • International Relations (B.A.)
  • Political Science
  • Economics (B.A.)
  • Public Administration (B.A.)

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy (B.Pharm.)
  • Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
  • Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) (with Kerman University)

Faculty of Medicine

  • Medicine PhD (Ph.D.)
  • Medicine (Joint program with Iran University of Medical Sciences)

Faculty of Communication and Media Studies

  • Public Relations and Advertising (B.А.)
  • Radio, Television and Film Studies (B.А.)
  • Animation and Game design
  • Visual Art and Visual Communication Design (B.А.)

Faculty of Tourism

  • Tourism and Hospitality Management (B.S.)

Faculty of Dentistry

  • Dental Medicine (collaborative program with IUMS)

School of Computing and Technology

  • Computer Programming and Information Technology (A.С.Р.)

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Tourism and Hospitality (A.A.S.)
  • Civil Aviation Cabin Services

With Thesis

  • Architecture (MS)
  • Applied Mathematics & Computer Science (MSc)
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Banking and Finance (MSc)
  • Banking and Finance (MSc) (online program)
  • Chemistry (MSc)
  • Civil Engineering (MSc)
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Computer Engineering (MSc)
  • Cultural Heritage Studies (collaborative with METU &
  • Politecnico di Milano)
  • Diplomacy and Conflict Management
  • Economics (MA)
  • Energy Economics and Finance (MSc)
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering (MSc)
  • English Language Teaching (MA)
  • General Psychology (MSc)
  • Gender Studies (MA)
  • Industrial Engineering (MSc)
  • International Relations (MA)
  • Interior Architecture (MSc)
  • Information & Communication Technologies in
  • Education (MSc)
  • Mathematics (MSc)
  • Marketing Management (MA)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
  • Physics (MSc)
  • Tourism Management (MA)
  • Urban Design (MSc)

Without Thesis

  • Architecture (M.Arch)
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Banking and Finance (MSc)
  • Banking and Finance (MSc) (online program)
  • Computer Engineering (MSc)
  • Comparative Legal Systems (Joint Program with University of Bologna)
  • Digital Media and Film (MSc)
  • Economics (MA)
  • English Language Teaching (MA)
  • Engineering Business Management (М.S.C.) (collaborative program with Warwick University)
  • Hotel Management (MSc) (online program)
  • Human Resources Management (MA)
  • Information Systems (MSc)
  • Information & Communication Technologies in Education (MSc)
  • Information Technology (M. Tech)
  • Interior Architecture (M. Arch)
  • International Relations (MA)
  • Industrial Engineering (MSc)
  • Marketing Management (MA)
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management (M.S.C.) (collaborative program with Warwick University)
  • Tourism Management (MSc)
  • Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design (MA)
  • Urban Design (M.U.D)

Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Business Administration (Ph.D.)
  • International Relations (Ph.D.)
  • Finance (Ph.D.)
  • Economics (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Education

  • English Language Teaching (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Communication and Media Studies

  • Communication and Media Studies (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Engineering

  • Computer Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Civil Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Industrial Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Architecture

  • Architecture (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Arts and Science

  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Ph.D.)
  • Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  • Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  • Physics (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Tourism

  • Tourism Management (Ph.D.)

Admission requirements for universities in North Cyprus – Eastern Mediterranean University included is not complicated.

Please refer to our post on general admission requirements for North Cyprus universities.

To learn more North Cyprus, visit this post about North Cyprus. Also, find out why many international students choose North Cyprus.

Did you also know North Cyprus is Visa free for the majority of African countries?

Eastern Mediterranean University is one of the most preferred among international students because of the wide variety of scholarships available:

  • All inclusive
  • Fee Waivers
  • High Honor Awards
  • Sport Grants
  • Student Assistanships
  • Research Assistantships
  • Discounts
  • TRNC Government Scholarships

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