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Gain Admission, Travel & Study in Cyprus

Gain Admission, Travel & Study in Cyprus

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Since 2015, Blue Ocean Travel & Tourism has been creating academic opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders in Africa by connecting them to the best universities in Cyprus and beyond.

To get there, we have continuously expanded our list of partner universities – making us the most reliable education agent for traveling and studying in Cyprus. You can see our list of certifications on our about page. There, you shall also find a host of testimonies from students who have travelled and are now following their dreams in Cyprus.

How We Can Help You Gain Admission, Travel & Study in Cyprus

Our experienced agents will :

  • Obtain for you an express passport if you don’t have one or if your passport has expired.
  • Handle the entire application process. After you submit your documents , we shall advise you on training programs and choose the best university that corresponds to your educational goals. Because of our reputation and partnerships with universities we’ve helped even students who do not meet specific admission requirements to get admission and pursue their dreams.
  • For all our undergraduate students, we guarantee 50% to 75% scholarships. If you are seeking admission into a Masters or PHD program, please contact us through WhatsApp.
  • Do you want to transfer from your current school and continue in Cyprus? We can equally help you with that procedure.
  • After a successful application, we shall secure your admission/conditional letter.
  • To relieve you of all the stress in dealing with international finances, our financial services will help you pay your school fees and obtain your unconditional admission letter. An important document you need to travel from your home country to Cyprus. With a verified admission letter, you are sure to get your Visa stamped at the Cyprus International Airport.
  • Looking for best flight prices? You don’t need to worry. We shall also advise you on when to travel taking into consideration factors like school start dates.
  • We provide you with complete airport assistant. In other words, there will be someone who will accompany you in your departure airport. He/she will be there at the airport until you enter the plane. Upon arrival, we shall be there to pick you up from the airport to your lodging.
  • While in Cyprus, we shall help you register in school and make sure you have your student’s ID card and Bus card.
  • Very importantly, we will also assist you with the processing your student resident permit.
  • Feeling lonely in a foreign land does not exist with us. As soon as you get to Cyprus, we shall add you into our international student WhatsApp group where you’ll start building relationships immediately and start making things happen.

How Much Does All of This Cost to Study in Cyprus?

The total amount needed for this process including flight, school fees, and all the above services (airport assistance, airport pick-up, visa upon arrival, student’s residence permit, agent commission, etc) cost only 1.8 million FCFA.

*Accommodation per month is approximately 100 Euros.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

  • A/L GCE
  • O/L GCE
  • Passport.

Master’s Degree Requirements

  • A/L GCE
  • O/L GCE
  • Passport
  • Degree (Certificate or Attestation)
  • Degree Transcripts.

P.HD Admission Requirements

  • Masters degree transcript
  • Masters degree certificate
  • Passport
  • Statement of purpose.

What is the Duration of the Procedure to Gain Admission, Travel & Study in Cyprus?

The entire procedure takes a maximum of 2 weeks.

*No bank statement is needed
*Cyprus is VISA FREE for all Cameroonian passports
*Tuition can be paid in installments

*Your Safety is our priority.

For more information, contact us on WhatsApp.



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