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Blue Ocean Travel is a Certified Agency with staff on the ground in Northern Cyprus. Our Agents will:

  • Orientate you to find a program that suits your career goals
  • Get admission by simplifying the admission process
  • Advise on documentation and visa application upon arrival.

Flight Reservation Services

Here are a few important points you should note:

  • Northern Cyprus has one major international airport – Ercan Airport
  • Generally, all flights to Northern Cyprus pass through Turkey
  • From Africa, Turkish Airlines is a preferred choice
  • If for some reason you made a mistake and booked your flight to South Cyprus, it may be difficult to cross over to Northern Cyprus without an EU passport
  • Please note that if you are from Nigeria for instance and you require a Visa you will need to book a return flight. We are happy to assist you with any questions regarding this issue
  • We guarantee that there will be someone waiting to pick you up from the airport.

Get the right support. Book the right flight. Travel safely with Blue Ocean Travel.


Finding accommodation as a student in North Cyprus can be very challenging. There are several options available both on-campus and off-campus: 

  • Single Accommodation: This option is best when price is not an issue. The majority of students who go for this type of accommodation value privacy as an important factor. 
  • Double Accommodation: This option is not as expensive as the Single Accommodation option. 
  • Triple Accommodation: Are you looking forward to interacting with people from different backgrounds? This option is best. Moreover, it is the cheapest type of accommodation for students. 


With 10+ years experience in North Cyprus, we are pleased to act as your incoming agency. We have:

  • Partnerships with more than 100 hotels across North Cyprus
  • We have guaranteed hotel room allocations in most 4-star and 5-star hotels in North Cyprus.
  • We can send you the net hotel rates, which are usually 15-30% discounted than the published rates allowing you to add large profit margins and still be able to sell competitively.

Other Blue Ocean Tourist services include:

  • Tours and custom excursions
  • Restaurant and venue bookings
  • Event organization
  • Car rental
  • Yacht rental
  • Guide & interpretation.

Quick Adaptation

Upon arrival at North Cyprus especially for African students, there is a real need to easily access services like:

  • Internet and mobile packages
  • Barber’s Shop
  • Taxi
  • African shops
  • Mobile Money transfers
  • ATMs
  • Medical institutions
  • Insurance, etc.

This is where Blue Ocean can really help.

Pedicure, Manicure & Dreads

For all your beauty needs just like at home, reach out to Carelle Beauty.

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