Northern Cyprus At A Glance

about northern cyprus for international students

Northern Cyprus is a de facto state officially called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. President Ersin Tatar is the current president. Location The country lies between latitudes 34° and 36° N, and longitudes 32° and 35° E with a total surface area of 3,355 square kilometers (1,295 sq mi). Neighbors The closest country is […]

Why International Students Choose North Cyprus

Why Northern Cyprus is attracting international students from Africa.

Across North Cyprus, international student enrollment has jumped from 3,500 students in 2008 to 15,000. According to the Higher Education Council (Yodak), “…the total number of students has surged from 43,000 to 63,000 in 2014.” Yodak expects the number of international students to continue increasing, especially with students from Africa, the Middle East and Central […]

North Cyprus Student Visa Requirements For Cameroonian Students


Generally, international students aspiring to study in Northern Cyprus (including Cameroonian students) do not need a visa to enter the country except for students from Syria, Nigeria, and Armenia. International students from Visa Free countries are issued a visa upon arrival in Northern Cyprus. Below, we have listed what is needed to apply for a […]