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Special Note: Protect Yourself From Fraud

We are flattered that there are many agents and organizations that want to be like us, or better still, be us. They use our logo with their own contact information thereby misleading students and parents. 

How do we know this?

Of late, we have received complaints from our partner universities, students and parents that they have been victims of fraud by someone presenting themselves to be a Blue Ocean Travel Consultant.

On deep diving, we found out that these students were not even registered with us. Some agents were misusing our brand name and getting students to enrol with them thinking that they were doing so with Blue Ocean Travel.

The truth is, while we do not let all these copycat services in the market perturb us, we are concerned by the fact that these fraudulent activities are carried out in the name of Blue Ocean Travel – causing innocent people to suffer. So we thought it our duty to reach out to you with an official note. 

If you have been approached by anyone masquerading as a Blue Ocean Travel Consultant, verify these contact details:

Telephone: +90 533 851 22 42 / +237 670 553 373
WhatsApp: +90 533 851 22 42.

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